As a leader, your job is to provide results. You’re also supposed to demonstrate an “executive presence,” communicate impeccably, inspire your team, and win the respect and admiration of your superiors. 

That’s a pretty high bar. Where do you need to "up" your game?

  • Do you display the leadership capability to lead and inspire?
  • Are you projecting a compelling executive presence?
  • Are your communication skills sufficiently effective in your current role?
  • Do you need to strengthen your management presentation skills?

We’ll help you benchmark your company’s expectations and work with you to strengthen your leadership presence.

We’ll analyze your presentation and communication skills, increase your awareness of how you’re being received, address any specific issues or shortfalls, and help you to connect more fully. You'll not only project confidence; you'll also get better buy-in.


We’ll utilize proven coaching tools (e.g. Hogan, 360, DiSC) to identify your current performance levels and personality strengths and work with you to address the areas where you can become more effective, persuasive and influential. 

In other words, we’ll help you make a greater impact.